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My Dad probably thinks I should be spending all my time studying to develop my math, English, science and presentation skills in order to develop iPhone programs, make a fortune and start supporting the whole family. But I know that when the US falls far behind the technical skills now being developed throughout India, China, and other hungry nations focused on technology without burden of political restraint, I’ll need to rely on my imagination and diverse experiences to make a future contribution - and for that I need to keep trying new things, going new places, and making new friends, in both real and virtual worlds.  Here is a sample of my adventures so far.  I think my Dad will have to keep supporting me for a while longer, ‘cause I have lots more to see and do! 

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My Favorite Things

  1. 1.MMP Online Games

  2. 2.Science Projects

  3. 3.A Good Book

  4. 4.Scuba Diving

  5. 5.Travel Photography

  6. 6.Gymnastics

  7. 7.Stop-motion Film-making

My favorite games

  1. World of Warcraft

  2. Flight Simulators

  3. Wrestling with my brother


Latest: I'm honored with an invitation to speak at TEDxNextGenerationAsheville followed by TEDxAsheville 2010.

See my TEDx presentation here.